Free Dating Apps For Your Enjoyment And Fun

These days, people who are under age group of 21 years to 35 years, are too interested in chatting with other people. This is the one of simplest and easiest way of communication that also plays vital role in making your bond stronger. For chatting, you must have smart phone and download chatting application from google play store. If you are interested to date with special person, then do not go with chatting application. You should have dating app in your smart phone. On the google play store, you will find number of dating apps and you will be confused that which app will be best and secure for dating purpose. You can choose any one dating app which is given below:


Tinder is one of top ranking dating app that requires facebook account. Every user must have facebook account so that he or she can have account on Tinder. Another thing is that user must have to be over 18. Once, you have created your account on tinder, you have to give your 500 character based bio and upload six images. These six images will also include your profile picture. If you are interested to add your employer info and school info, add it without having any problem. Every user of tinder gets the option to link account with instagram. Discovery setting on this dating app allows you to find out your match and now your enjoyment will start.

Coffee meets bagel

Another dating app is coffee meets bagel which also requires connectivity with facebook account. Facebook account connectivity is required only for security purpose. Create you profile on this dating app and get necessary options to find out your match. App will send you one bagel and you have to choose your match. In the 24 hours, you will have to decide that either you want to like bagel or you have passed this bagel to other. If you like bagel, then it is necessary that he or she will also have to like to you and both of you will be connected. Now, you can enjoy your date with the person in private chat box. This chat box will expire after eight days and you have to follow all other extra apps function to continue your chat.


Hinge, dating app, is same as tinder. But there are some options are differing from tinder. There are number of features in Hinge which makes it superior from Tinder. Interface of hinge is much smoother as compared to tinder. On this dating app, you can also connect with friends of friends. But, for connecting to mutual friends, you have to go through number of questions from hinge. On the hinge account, it is much necessary to upload your profile picture otherwise your account will not start. Gaming option is also available on hinge. You cannot play game alone. For playing game on hinge, you must have your partner and your gaming account will be shared with your partner.